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    Executive Coaching

    Your Champion, Leadership Expert, and Trusted Advisor

    Business always benefits from focused support in developing leaders through executive coaching. Areas of focus are varied and tailored based on the leader and company needs.

    Some examples of support include:

    • Helping leaders identify what’s hindering their success and progress to their next level in leadership
    • Creating and owning their vision of themselves as leader and relentlessly helping them take action toward embodying and living that vision
    • Creating strategies to improve:
      • Team dynamics, trust, and communication
      • Develop team performance
      • The leader’s ability to inspire others
      • Self-management (Enhancing how a leader is perceived by their manager, peers, and team)
      • The leader’s ability to balance the demands of leadership and life

    Leaders whom I coach are looking for:

    • A trusted, honest, authentic professional ally
    • A partner to help them to take their career to next level
    • A safe professional relationship where they can be themselves, ask questions, get confirmation, and see their learning opportunities
    • Someone who neutrally reflects back to them what they see going on
    • A sounding board for their ideas, challenges, and solutions
    • A champion for their success!

    Leadership Development Consulting

    Innovative and Powerful Leadership Development

    In order to develop the most talented leaders and successors for key roles in the organization, customized leadership development solutions are essential.

    Some examples of leadership development consulting solutions include:

    • Customized interactive learning experiences to develop groups of high potential leaders
    • Solutions that promote Executive knowledge-sharing with emerging leaders
    • Facilitated teambuilding and strategy sessions that build trust and deep, authentic relationships
    • Executive development plans to continue growing key leaders

    Powerful outcomes include:

    • Improving team dynamics, relationships, and communication
    • Engaging employees for optimal performance and retention
    • Re-igniting employee commitment and unleashing creativity
  • About Lisa

    A Message from Lisa

    Lisa Grech

    At a certain stage in a leader’s development, they find it tougher to develop themselves, due to demands of time and the complexity of their roles. Development at these leadership levels doesn’t happen in the classroom or through reading a book—it happens through handling the ever-escalating demands of the business, and focused, prioritized time working on key behavior and mindset shifts.

    Leadership development at top levels requires a reflective, courageous approach, tailored to applied leadership strategies for the individual.

    In my work, I integrate industrial and organizational psychology (the psychology of behavior at work) with the advanced psychology of personal development (spiritual psychology). The unique combination absolutely accelerates business success for my clients. Together, we leverage what drives and shifts human behavior and performance. Additionally, I provide tools for navigating personal growth, tough leadership challenges, and complex interpersonal situations.

    While I have two graduate degrees that provide a solid foundation, and I have worked for and with solid Fortune 500 companies, what’s most important is my distinctly unique approach. When I work with leaders, I address them as a whole and multifaceted person, with personal and business behaviors that interweave and overlap. I advocate for each leader’s development as a person, knowing that we are not compartmentalized as human beings, and all audiences- our shareholders, our customers, our direct teams, and our families and friends benefit from our strides in growth and development. Leaders are combinations of their work and personal lives and both affect the whole.

    I believe that how I work with clients brings forward the best results. In addition to my positive and results-focused approach, I champion 100% personal accountability as leaders learn and incorporate tools that support the lifetime of their leadership and careers.

    Client companies enjoy my working style: a blend of contagiously strong energy and enthusiasm, thoughtful inquiry, and high-level business acumen. Leaders appreciate how I encourage their commitment, courage, and curiosity, and have the opportunity to own, transform and sustain their leading edge performance.

    It is my mission to help successful leaders take their development to the next level, helping their companies gain a competitive advantage through developing their top talent. It is my pleasure to inspire, listen to, create solutions with, coach, and champion some of the most talented leaders in the world!

    Are you the next one?

  • What Clients Say

    Leadership Consulting

    Authentic, accountable, and transformational

    "For the past 10 years, Lisa has been a partner, coach and mentor to me and the organizations I have supported – Fanatics Inc, Disney Consumer Products, Paramount Pictures, and Millennial Media (now AOL). Her approach to assessing complex internal dynamics as well as determining the overall health of an organization is spot on. She then takes that knowledge and develops programs aligned with the needs and culture of a company, facilitating tough discussions aimed at positive changes.

    And just as important, she has an amazing ability to connect with individuals by providing insightful coaching/feedback across a diverse spectrum of needs. Lisa has a unique ability to get to the heart of what matters – connecting the dots between personal and professional values - exceeding expectations along the way.

    Her custom leadership solutions have left a lasting impression on attendees. Lisa’s approach to being an organizational partner is one that is authentic, accountable and transformational."

    – Robin Eletto, Chief People Officer, Fanatics, Inc. ~ San Mateo, CA

    "Lisa is a highly skilled and insightful learning and development professional and executive coach. She brings such passion, expertise and creativity to her work, and has had a significant and lasting impact on individuals and teams across our organization.


    Lisa has worked with our organization for 3+ years and has supported in us in a wide variety of people development initiatives. From helping us shape our first Leadership Development program, to facilitating a range of different workshops for teams, to supporting our Employee Resource Group development efforts, to executive coaching, to developing courses, to coaching leaders and supporting our mentoring program, Lisa has made significant contributions and has been a wonderful thought partner.


    Lisa helped me to establish and grow our L&D function so that we can reach more of our employees with meaningful and practical development experiences. She is a joy to work with and I appreciate the energy and thoughtfulness she brings to her work. She is also amazing at follow-through and driving to results. I can’t say enough about her collaborative approach and wonderful partnership!"

    – H.A.

    Major Entertainment Company

    Hollywood, CA



    “Lisa is a dedicated and compassionate individual who brings great perspective, leadership, seasoned experience and counsel to every engagement I’ve had with her throughout the years.


    I’m confident that Lisa possesses the qualities that any company or individual would find desirable. Lisa's work ethic and leadership qualities have been invaluable. Lisa is very versatile and I have engaged her for learning & development programs, leadership coaching, and organizational consulting.


    I strongly recommend Lisa.”

    – Sonia

    Executive Coaching

    She drives commitment to the best outcome

    "I knew from the first meeting with Lisa that her coaching would be impactful. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached at a pivotal time in my career, when I needed to grow in my role to support my organization as it continues to experience significant and rapid growth.


    Lisa’s approach is dynamic; she wastes no time. We identified strengths and set goals in areas where improvement was needed and got to work. She quickly became more than a coach—a trusted resource and sounding board; I felt like I found a secret weapon.


    Through Lisa’s coaching, I developed the tools to regain ownership of my time, establish, develop and strengthen relationships with my coworkers, family and friends, and, perhaps most importantly, to experience meaningful growth, both in, and outside of, the office, as a leader in my own right. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking to take his or her career to the next level."
    – Caren Yeamans, General Counsel, Fanatics


    "It might sound cliché, but working with Lisa has changed my life. She asks the hard questions and encourages deep reflection and helps me develop my own authentic path. She has helped me to see where past beliefs and practices have limited my own growth and how I have the capacity and ability to become all that I’ve ever imagined. Within our first coaching engagement, Lisa helped me have honest and clear conversations with my current and potential employers about my desired role and compensation, and helped me arrive at where I am now – at a company where I feel valued and appreciated and where I feel like I am able to make the best use of my talents. What’s more, I parted ways with my former firm in a positive manner and left the door open for future opportunities. I also am experiencing a deeper level of trust and vulnerability in my relationships with others. I am beyond grateful that our paths crossed!"

    – Wendy Lau, Senior Risk Manager, AECOM



    "In my pursuit to further develop my executive communication and ability to effectively manage multifaceted global projects, Lisa has helped me identify some self-imposed triggers that held me back. From there she enabled me to focus on practical steps that improved my effectiveness and find clarity.

    Lisa’s coaching embodies compassion and understanding with exceptional guidance that leads to a positive transformation. I’m a better manager for it."

    – D.L., Director, Sourcing



    "Participating in the Insights & Elevation coaching experience with Lisa has been one of the best decisions I made this year. I was in need of inspiration in both my professional and personal life. Lisa
    was so thoughtful in hearing my needs, understanding my goals and supporting me to design a program that was just perfect for me. Lisa helped me to re-focus by connecting with myself, tapping into new
    ways of thinking and approach obstacles in a productive manner. Through the coaching, I have strengthened my mindset, and feel confident in navigating everyday life. Thank you for everything, Lisa!"

    – Sujata Israni, Human Resources, Netflix


    “Lisa first successfully coached me through an extremely challenging, high profile leadership situation where integrity was of utmost importance. Her background knowledge and solid practice in organizational psychology supported me in positive, sound leadership with executive management. Next, she supported me during a major career transition into financial services, and contributed a level of creativity beyond what even I envisioned. Within weeks of working with her consistently, success unfolded quickly and l maintained motivation by continuing to engage her feedback.

    Lisa naturally drives commitment to the best possible outcome, which, in my case, far exceeded even my own expectations in terms of both ease and final product. I strongly recommend her leadership and coaching services for any individual or company truly serious about engaging a resource to facilitate growth and success!”
    – Audra Cauchon, Consultant ~ Sebastapol, CA


    "My coaching with Lisa began during a transitional time in my career. I was newly promoted to an HR executive and struggling to leave behind my old role and find my groove in the new one. Before I began coaching with Lisa, I was feeling overwhelmed and like I was not showing up as my best self with my clients, the team I lead, or even my family.


    Working with Lisa felt like getting to hit pause in my frantic world to think about who I wanted to be and how I wanted to experience things differently. She helped me understand that I was in control of shaping those things. I spent a lot of time focused on self-care and it had a tremendous impact in my personal life, and in my professional life (including realizing that those lives are quite intertwined). I expected that it would impact in both realms, but did not realize the degree to which it would allow me to shape who I was as an executive. Focusing on areas like creativity, relationships, sleep and exercise enabled me to “relax into myself” and face my day with a new level of confidence.


    Though I work in HR and have recommended coaching to clients, I did not know what to expect for my own experience. Coaching with Lisa definitely involved a lot of work, but it was work, reflection and conversation I looked forward to. For me, working with Lisa was transformational. I am approaching my work more strategically and creatively. I am doing so as my authentic self, and it shows."

    – HR Director at The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA


    “Lisa was instrumental in helping me develop my leadership and strategic skills as I transitioned into a much larger leadership role in a much larger company. Before working with Lisa, I was experiencing challenges in effective communication at the Executive level, both verbal and written. Lisa’s unique approach in blending traditional methodologies and a spiritual approach resonated deeply with me and allowed me to recognize previously unrealized self-imposed barriers.


    Lisa deployed challenging, creative and fun methodologies and tools that have allowed me to develop clear and concise messages around expectations and agreements, and has allowed me to be more focused and clear in my desired outcomes in my strategic work. I feel incredibly well armed and often find myself thinking back to one of Lisa’s tools when faced in a challenging situation. I honestly feel this has deeply enriched not only my approach to work, but my approach to life.”
    – Mary


    "I first met Lisa when I began working at a new company in the entertainment business a little over four years ago. At the time, my team was undergoing tremendous transformation. Lisa was a stabilizing and guiding force that worked with us tirelessly to develop fresh starts and better relationships with one another. She continued to work with individual members of the team over the next few years and I never failed to see marked improvement in those that she coached.

    In January 2017, it was finally time for my one-on-one coaching with Lisa and I can say without qualification that the experience was transformative in the most positive way. Lisa is one of those people who can truly “see” others and understand their motivations, fears and challenges.


    She is intuitive beyond compare. But the most helpful thing about that intuition was that she knew exactly what to say and what questions to ask to lead me to realize for myself the things that she had already picked up upon. For example, I could articulate that I felt negatively about something, but she helped me to understand why I felt that way, which in turn helped me to identify strategies for positive change. She also gave me a book called “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life,” which provided exactly the message that I needed at the exact time I was most receptive to hearing it, in short: Life doesn’t have to be so stressful and there is plenty of time to get everything done that needs to be done.


    Lisa helped me to gain a new sense of self awareness about my thoughts and feelings and enabled me to finally gain control over my stress level and anxiety. Work became more fun and interesting. My relationships with my coworkers improved. And most importantly, I gained a completely renewed sense of confidence and self-worth.


    On top of everything else, Lisa is a genuinely kind, thoughtful, sincere person who is an absolute joy to spend time with. I would highly recommend Lisa as an executive coach to any/everyone without reservation."
    – Tracy

    Leadership Team Retreats and Team Offsites

    An absolutely extraordinary facilitator

    “Lisa Grech facilitated a leadership retreat for my organization. I can say without reservation that she is an absolutely extraordinary facilitator and leadership coach. One of the essential characteristics that make her so successful is that she is a keen and perceptive listener. By asking thoughtful questions, she helps you get to the essence of what you to hope to achieve. Then, based on that information, Lisa crafts a retreat that is thoughtful, balanced, and nuanced. Because she is so observant,

    Lisa seamlessly and subtly adjusts during her presentations to ensure that the needs of each member in the group are met. Her in-depth knowledge of multiple industries and thorough preparation only enhance her credibility. Her warmth and genuine spirit put people at ease and increase their receptiveness to the process. Lisa’s services will absolutely add value and spark to your organization.”
    – Mallory Barnes, President, MBA Women International Los Angeles


    "I really found the offsite rewarding. There were so many good takeaways and I felt that everyone was very engaged and open.


    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host and leader! I was amazed at how engaged and well organized you were. You made us feel comfortable even when we were feeling uncomfortable."

    – K.A., Major Entertainment Company

    Strategic Support

    She believes in my vision and supports it

    “I rely on Lisa whenever I need leadership advice whether it’s for my own personal growth or for my business. She responds instantly with thoughtful insights and perspectives that have always given positive results. She believes in my vision and supports it in any way she possibly can. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to continuing this relationship.”
    – Daksh Sahni, Independent Artist and Technical Art Director ~ Los Angeles, CA

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